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Is your basement unfinished? We can remodel your basement
to have a new entertaining area,
exercise room, a media center or a new modern office space :

  • Unique Elements help a basement have personality. Floors can be the center of attention in your basement. You might want to create a new bar of unusual design with an intersting tile pattern. We can custom build your basement area to your specifications.
  • If you are planning a home gym you will want a shower i this area. Consider a rain showerhead, multiple jets or steam. You can make your shower a sauna with cozy seating with larger tiles arranged floor to ceiling. You'll find lots of ceramic or porcelain tiles in colors and styles to choose from to make your shower perfect. There are also many options for shower doors, from frameless swing glass doors, to sliding glass barn doors and traditional glass sliding doors.
  • Consider New Faucets, they can add sophistication, as well as add to the functionality and accessibility of your space.
  • Special features like wall mounted T.V.’s and Fireplaces, can take a basement from dull to luxurious. These items can help create ambience, along with relaxation
  • Walk-In Closets are also added features to bathrooms. Take the opportunity to design a dressing area that fits you.
  • Lighting is another element that can make a simple bathroom look up-to-date and fresh!

Designing Your Basement for New Additional Use

You don’t have to travel to any special location either. We come to you with our showroom and our samples. We work with you to develop a design that is functional, attractive and in-line with the budget and timeframe you specify. Whether you’re just looking to install new cabinets and flooring in your bathroom, or you have decided you want a complete makeover. We will design the best solution to fit your needs. Call today to schedule your in-home estimate or use our contact form to have us setup a time for your estimate.

We Service These Types Of Projects:

    • Modern Bathroom Designs for Basements
    • Drywall Installation
    • New Construction
    • Tile Flooring
    • Ceramic Wall Tiles
    • Interior Painting
    • New Lighting (Example: Recessed)
    • New and Replacement Lighting Fixtures and Switches
    • Accessible Vanities and Toilets
    • Heated Flooring
    • Wall Mounted Flat Screen T.V.
    • Energy Saving Toilets
    • New Fireplaces
    • Remote Controlled Blinds
We Transform Your Basement Into What You Always Wanted...

Our focus is on your project at all times, each of our customers get our full attention until their project is completed. When your happy we are finished.

Paul Trench

Our Customers Love Our Work...