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HOME AUTOMATION SERVICES - Bring Your Home into the 21st Century

Trench Remodeling & Design keeps up with all the new innovations as well as designs for home improvement. We love helping our customers live better by incorporating modern technologies into their kitchen and bathroom renovations. And with so many smart home innovations on the market today, it only makes sense to incorporate some of these convenient, eco-friendly devices into your home remodeling projects. Home automation has been around for a while starting with home theaters that has been the rage for many years when redesigning family rooms for entertainment rooms. But there are lots of new and very convenient home automation systems and programs that work with just about everything in your home.

With home automation, you can control how and when a smart device should react, and why it should react. With your smart phone or voice control you set the schedule to turn the lights on when you arrive, or you can lock the doors and activate the security system when you leave your home. You can control the Thermostat and much more. The rest is automated based on your personal preferences. Home automation is now being brought to better use through Smart Home Hubs that allows the interconnection of all appliances, security, lighting and more to work together.

An automated home security system keeps a watchful eye on your property so you can react at a moment’s notice. These new security systems, safeguard your family and property. You can have security camera’s watching every move, to a water-leaking detector that will alert you of a possible costly leak. Security systems are already designed to notify you of any intruder on your property and can call the police or allow you to surprise the intruder to scare them away. Home automation needs your involvement to set your personal preferences and actions, but then you can sit back and enjoy using the latest in home automation technology. We are happy to discuss with you any ideas you may have for home automation.

Your Remodeled Bathroom Feels Like a Spa and works SMART, too
With all the new modern technology and a wide array of choices you can have a bathroom that performs better while soothing you too. Light your seat in the bathroom…there are smart toilet seat device with a built-in LED nightlight to help you navigate the bathroom without disturbing your sleep. Other smart toilets incorporate not only lighting but heated seats, bidets, self-cleaning technology, and even motion sensors to raise or lower the toilet seat for you. How convenient! There are Powerful bathroom options that include toilets that allow you to select how much water is used for each flush and/or touchless technology for the ultimate good hygiene.

There is more smart technology for faucets, too. Touchless digital faucets can give you the water temperature you desire with the flick of a wrist. Digital faucets can be programmed to run your shower or sink on for an allotted period of time for bathing or brushing teeth, too. And powerful thermostatic temperature control valves can provide the exact temperature you desire for an ideal shower set up, creating the spa-like environment you desire.

Smart Devices for Convenience in the Kitchen
When you embark on a kitchen remodeling project, one of the first things you should think about are new appliances. Today’s refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, and dishwashers are all available with energy saving options to increase the efficiency of your home and eliminate waste for a greener environment. “Energy Star” appliances use 10-50% less energy than traditional appliances, making them both cost-effective and eco-friendly for homeowners.

Connected kitchens are definitely trending but some homeowners are bit slower to jump into these trends. Smart appliances with automatic shut-off, or an alert systems will become increasingly important for elderly people adjusting their homes to better meet their physical needs, or aging in place.

Among the smart options for appliances are refrigerators with cameras and an app; allowing you to see the contents of the refrigerator when you’re at the grocery store, and a refrigerator with an LCD panel with a menu of apps that can function as a command control for family messages.

The most popular trends are the Voice-activated controls that adjust lights or play music or look for a recipe while performing tasks in the kitchen. Whatever your next home improvement project might be, make sure you ask us about the latest trends in automation.

Trench Remodeling & Design is located in Damascus, Maryland. We serve these Maryland Counties: Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Charles, Frederick, Howard, Montgomery, and Prince George's. Also serve the Washington, DC area and Northern Virginia.

You don’t have to travel to any special location either. We come to you with our showroom and our samples. We work with you to develop a design that is functional, attractive and in-line with the budget and timeframe you specify. Whether you’re just looking to install new cabinets and flooring, or you have decided you want a complete makeover. We will design the best solution to fit your needs. Call today to schedule your in-home estimate or use our contact form to have us setup a time for your estimate.

We Service These Types Of Projects:

  • Modern Kitchen Designs
  • Drywall Installation
  • New Construction
  • Tile Flooring
  • Ceramic Wall Tiles
  • Interior Painting
  • New Lighting (Example: Recessed)
  • New and Replacement Lighting Fixtures and Switches
  • Accessible Vanities and Toilets
  • Heated Flooring
  • Wall Mounted Flat Screen T.V.’s
  • Energy Saving Toilets
  • New Fireplaces
  • Remote Controlled Blinds

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