When your bathroom is ready for a much needed update here are some trends in design you might want to consider:

  • Unique Elements help a bathroom have personality.  Floors can be the center of attention in your bathroom.  You might want to create an accent of an unusual tile design pattern.   It is one more place to add a unique element to your décor, while having the freedom to custom build.  You may want to consider a mosaic that suits your bathroom’s color scheme, or find a uniquely shaped tile, such as, a diamond, oval, or trapezoid tile pattern.

  • Showers are BIGGER and can create a spa experience.  Consider a rain showerhead, multiple jets or steam.Even people with smaller bathrooms are opting to use their space for more functional and comfortable walk-in showers.  You can also make a statement with larger tiles arranged floor to ceiling. You'll find lots of ceramic or porcelain tiles in colors and styles to choose from to make your shower perfect.  There are also many options for shower doors, from frameless swing glass doors, to sliding glass barn doors and traditional glass sliding doors.
  • Free-standing tubs can also help create the spa experience. This is a trend that will continue as more and more people want to improve their relaxation. A freestanding bathtub creates a luxurious feel because the bathroom works around the tub instead of the other way around.

  • Consider New Faucets, they can add sophistication, as well as add to the functionality and accessibility of your space.

  • Walk-In Closets are also added features to bathrooms. Take the opportunity to design a dressing area that fits you.

  • Special features like wall mounted T.V.’s and Fireplaces, can take a bathroom from dull to luxurious.  These items can help create ambience, along with relaxation.  Just think how fun it may be to watch your favorite news show while dressing for work!

  • Lighting is another element that can make a simple bathroom look up-to-date and fresh!

What to do with a bathroom that has a window that looks out to a Brick Wall...Custom Designed Wet Room

Newest bathroom remodeling completed. This bathroom went from a 1980s style bath to a new fresh cabinetry that offers more storage and the updated jetted soaking tub and shower.

This is a bathroom that was remodeled and finished recently.

  • Bathroom Before
  • MD bathroom remodeled
  • Newly remodeled bathroom MD
  • MD bathroom remodleing
  • New tiling for shower MD
  • New tile surround for soaking tub
  • Finished tub surround MD
  • New tiled shower MD
  • New cabinets and countertop MD

Some examples of bathroom remodeling we have done for clients.

  • custom bathrooms MD
  • custom showers Bethesda MD
  • Bathrooms remodel Potomac MD
  • new bathrooms plans MD
  • Custom showers Gaithersburg MD
  • Rockville MD bathroom remodeling
  • Custom bathroom remodeling Germantown MD
  • Custom tiling bathrooms Bethesda MD
  • Showers Tubs bathrooms MD
  • mainstart

Two New Bathrooms In Progress...

Designing & installing a separate shower. Custom planked tiled floor

Tiled shower, custom tiled shower flooring

Attractive custom tiling details


Using a small space putting in a
bathroom with a shower

Shower basin installed.

We Service These Types Of Projects:

  • Modern Bathroom Designs
  • Drywall Installation
  • New Construction
  • Tile Flooring
  • Ceramic Wall Tiles
  • Interior Painting
  • New Lighting (Example: Recessed)
  • New and Replacement Lighting Fixtures and Switches
  • Accessible Vanities and Toilets
  • Heated Flooring
  • Wall Mounted Flat Screen T.V.’s
  • Energy Saving Toilets
  • New Fireplaces
  • Remote Controlled Blinds